About Kevin

Hey everybody!

I hope y’all are having a great day, wonderful evening or whatever time of day it is it is that you are happy.

I’m Kevin your host and site guy, I don’t really know what I am. I do know that I am a Youth Pastor and follower of Jesus a student of the teachings of John Wesley a full time coffee drinker and my love of Bacon is indescribable. In my podcasts I give all to the Glory Of God and His Son Jesus, and acknowledge my understanding of the Bible to John Wesley. My continuing studying and discovery of the bible and my continuing growth in my relationship went Jesus Christ is one of the few things I take seriously, while the rest of my life I take with laughter because honestly Laughter is on of the greatest gifts God has given to us.

I hope you will find my podcasts as a blessing and a comfort in your day, as you maneuver through the difficulties always relying on God to get you through the day.

So sit back relax and enjoy all things Jesus and John Wesley with your Coffee and a Side of Bacon.

Email me if you have questions or comments at kevin@jjwcgonline.com